Do you feel like you are just your landlord's lowly cash cow?

nctrnlJanuary 12, 2006

It seems there are many smalltime landlords who just want to be there to collect the rent. They don't want fix things, hear or deal with ANY complaints about other tenants or resolve any problems at all.

Do you ever feel that just because you rent a cheap apartment you are supposed to just shut up & take what is given to you by the landlord?

That because of your particularly precarious situation in life the landlord knows he has leverage over you?

A lot of times just moving to another place is not even an option... be it because of the scarcity of cheap apartments in the area,one's precarious financial situation or any of a number of other problems.

The post that mentioned the lady that got evicted because she complained about her extremely noisy neighbors got me thinking about this.

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There are all kinds of people who are landlords, and some of them are jerks. I have friends who manage an apartment building, and I do hear the other side of this equation, too, though.

I don't believe most landlords have an objective of victimizing tenants, but they are in it for the money and trying to do what they can to maximaize their return on investment. Sometimes it leads to unfortunate results, but I don't think that jerking people around is a primary motivation.

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