Are there rules re painting/cleaning?

jane__nyJanuary 23, 2010

Will be renting a condo soon which needs painting and cleaning. It has been standing empty for months and needs a good cleaning. Two bedrooms are painted red and green. I would like that changed to a neutral color. Water in toilets and sinks have badly stained the fixtures.

Is the landlord (owner) responsible for cleaning and painting or do I have to pay for this?

Appreciate any comments as I'm new to this.


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The landlord should be responsible for cleaning. Painting is something which if it has not been done in years (more than 5-10) one might expect the LL to do, but if it's only a matter of preference (cosmetics) then everyone's different - e.g. either the LL will do it (especially if colors are flagrantly awful), or possibly make a deal with you to do it, but he would pay for paint, or may even forbid you to touch it at all. Each case (or LL) is different, so you have to talk to them. Red and green (I'll presure relatively "primary" colors) sure sound like you have a case for him to pay for the paint at the very least, and more likely re labor as well (hiring out).

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In my neck of the woods, the tenant who signs a lease prior to moving in, technically accepts the rental unit in the condition it was in when he/she viewed it unless the Landlord verbally agreed at the viewing to make changes. Of course, the Landlord is liable for general repairs, fridge, stove, toilet etc. Also, the lease often specifies who can re decorate. Best to get the written permission of the Landlord in advance of any work. We had a tenant who took it upon herself to paint our beautiful oak wood trim and two oak French doors with flat latex white paint, painting poorly done at that. For the record, we have professional cleaners clean the unit before it is shown. We also repaint where needed. Our lease does not allow tenants to use primary colours because the paint out requires a delay in the new rental when the unit becomes vacant again. Hope this helps and that your new LL is a good one!

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Thank you for the advice. This is a condo which is being rented by the owner who had to move out of state due to job transfer. I haven't dealt with anyone except the listing agent who is difficult to get a hold of and vague about everything. I am using an agent (who sold my house) and she has trouble hearing back from him. She doesn't think he will repaint and will only 'sweep-clean.'


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