Does anyone what type of glass this is?

oldstuff4meJanuary 25, 2012

It is labled as "vaseline" glass, but it's my understanding that vaseline glass is greenish-yellow and clear.

I also know that some people call any glass that glows "vaseline" glass.

I'm just wondering if this blue/green irridescent glass might have a more specific name.


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The subject line should say "Does anyone KNOW what type of glass this is?". OOOPS!!

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If it has a metallic luster, it would be a jade-colored "Aurene", but without that effect it's a jadite art glass.

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Is the second picture with black light?
Vaseline glass was called that because it's the color of carbolated vaseline. AND it glows in ultraviolet light...AND is made with uranium oxide as a colorant.
Your piece obviously was made with uranium but doesn't have that yellow color of vaseline glass. Link shows the color.

Your vase has something else added besides uraneum to color it. Nice vase....what's on the bottom? is it hand blown? Is there a pontil? is it glossy? Could it be what is called stretch glass?
whatever ....a rose by any other name don't ya's a lovely art glass vase. So classic in design it would be very difficult to place a date or maker on it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lindac... Yes, the 2nd photo is taken under a black-light. I knew it wasn't true vaseline glass, but like I said, many websites and sellers refer to any glowing glass as "vaseline", even though it isn't. (the vase is not yet in my possesion... when I have it in my hot little hands, I'll let you know about the pontil and/or markings)

Sombreuil_Mongrel... You hit the nail on the head with "jadeite". When I googled "jadeite carnival glass", I found many objects that have the same finish as the vase. Although, I'm not sure if those other items glow as this one does.

Thanks for your responses.

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Jadeite was a term coined by Fire King I think....might have been Jeanette, to describe a color of pressed glass kitchen ware. We all know what color that stuff is/was.
There was lots of other types of glass made in pale green colors that now days is being described as "jadite"....due to Martha Stewart's collection I think!!
Those things are more correctly called by other celadon or even pale green. All opaque greenish glass isn't Jadeite, just as all glass with an opalescent finish isn't "carnival glass"...although that wasn't a trademark.
Your vase sure looks blown to me, perhaps mouth blown or maybe machine....the bottom will tell.

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Ok, so the vase is finally in my posession now.

The photos definitely don't represent it well... it's not jadeite-looking at all in real-life. It's definitely a clear green (with a yellowy tinge) with a milky/irridescent finish on it. (almost like the finish on carnival glass... but much lighter/whiter)

The bottom is unmarked and there is no pontil.

I'm stumped! I have been scowering the internet for a type of glass that matches the description and I just can't find anything.

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Is it cased? the top edge..."sharp" as if it were cut? or fire polished?

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Not cased... and the top is sharp (as if it were cut).

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And that's why you don't find a pontil, the blow rod was used as a ponty rod

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I have finally found a photo of something that sort of shows what I'm talking about when I say "milky". This is a photo of a vase for sale on eBay in the UK. It is advertised as "Victorian", but I have no idea whether that's true or not. My vase has the same milky-ness running through it, but even more so, to the point where the entire vase is quite opaque (milky), rather than it forming a pattern. (I hope that makes sense).

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You have an opalescent green glass vase. It's pretty impossible to put a time frame on it because of the classic/generic style....could be 400 years old or made last week...
However, because of the popularity of that type of glass in the beginning of the 20th century, I would guess it was made about 1920.

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