Looking for some info on this old leaf art

ilikeoldstuff1January 10, 2014

I have been trying to get some information on these leaves I haven't been able to get any answers because everywhere I have taken theme hey say they have never seen anything like them. They have been In my family over 200 years. Any information would help thank you!

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What are they mounted on?

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I just goggled old leaf art; also looked at some of the google images - seems there are kits/products available.

200 years? Are you sure?

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I see an oak and maple leaf. I do not have access to a tree key, but the maple leaf comes from a particular kind of maple and that can help identify where in the country it may have come from. It is possible that all these leaves came form the same region.

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TWO HUNDRED YEARS? What is your evidence for that?

Look up "leaf carving" ...


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