KitchenAid Dishwasher does not start!

harry_wildJanuary 28, 2012

I have an undercounter dishwater model number KUDSO1IJ 8269904.

The last time it work was a week ago; and oddliful I had to go through the manual and do a dain before it would start. This time I did when it would not start and drain it around 18 times or 36 minutes and spend about 1.5 hour trying to make it work with no luck.

Here is what takes place. I set my usually setting to Normal Cycle and Options to: Sani Rinse. The Status indictor should flicker showing it is working but it just has two dashes across the display and then after 20 seconds it clears the display and settings. When it does work the display just flickers two marks diagonally and you can hear the dishwasher try on and the mechnicals pumping, etc.... for the start of the water cycle. Now, completely silient.

What do you thnk is wrong with the dishwasher and how do I fix it? And do I need to call service?

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Why don't you call KA support line and ask them for a diagnosis?

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I know the diagnosis; it a dirty film that prevents the contact from working. My model was made with an membrane that is on the outside and I do not know how to separate it and not damage the membrane when I go and seal it again.

KitchenAid will not diagnois a problem with any component. They will send a Service Tech at a very high price to do it!

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Sticking/failed touchpads on the panel is a fairly common problem. Control panels are not designed for repair, replacement of the entire panel which includes the touch membrane (the main controller board is a separate item) is required. Changing the panel is an easy DIY job, parts can be found online at "reasonable" prices --,,,, and many others. Also eBay (both individuals and storefront sellers), find the correct part number and search eBay for it. Your model number is incomplete, there should be three more characters, the last of which is an engineering change code that's relevant to correct replacement parts. Friend of mine changed the panel on his mother's KA couple years ago, and I did the panel on a Whirlpool unit in another friend's rental property a couple months ago.

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Hi Dadoes,

Thanks for the reply. My model number of the dishwasher is kud5s011jwh0. But I want the stainless steel control panel not the "white".

Do you know of any sources where they will return it if it does not work or that was not the problem?


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mojavean will refund you if the part is wrong, does not fix the problem, etc., for a full year.

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Better research the fires in some of these models before you do or order anything.

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PartsTap takes returns on any part (including electronics) for 30 days (shipping is refunded if they sent the wrong item at their fault) and has a one year warranty (replacement, not refund) on any failed item. Sears takes returns on some items as per the individual item description. I've done returns to both.

Harry, you're all over the map with that model number. I think it should be KUDS01IJWH0.

The unit apparently was produced in five door panel color choices:
KUDS01IJBS0 = stainless (with black control panel?)
KUDS01IJBL0 = black (with black control panel?)
KUDS01IJWH0 = white (with white control panel?)
KUDS01IJAL0 = almond (with almond control panel?)
KUDS01IJBT0 = biscuit (with biscuit control panel?)

I don't think there is a stainless steel control panel, only black, white, almond, and biscuit.

There are four panels listed. All are stated as substitutions for the original. If the diagrams and pics I'm finding are accurate, the machine originally had a "semi-integrated" panel with buttons along the top edge and a display badge toward the right front. The replacement panel apparently is a "traditional"-style panel with buttons on the front, not top.
8269136 -> 8270232 (black)
8269138 -> 8270233 (white, RepairClinic shows picture of a Whirlpool panel at a slightly lower price, others shows a KA panel)
8269139 -> 8270234 (cannot find a picture, presumably almond, price is DOUBLE the other three*)
8269140 -> 8270235 (biscuit)

* A lot of almond-colored parts are NLA. I couldn't get an almond lid last year for a Kenmore washer.

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dadoes also has a 365-day return allowance.

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Here is the story behind my wanting a stainless steel control panel. All my other appliances are stainless steel and I recently upgrade the dishwasher front panel from white to stainless steel too. So I need to finish it to have an "original" Kitchenaid stainless steel dishwasher.

Thanks for the info and I will decide after a call to Kitchenaid to see how much they charge!

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wow, you're really thinking about spending $$$ on something that might be dangerous ?

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Made my purchase at the - a Best Buy Company! It was about $40 less then any other parts online stores that I checked out in general. While a few had a it $60 more then! Many did not list this part online but you are suppose to call them and when you did they had it but it was in the $55-$60 more too!
Pays to do some research into the price that close to 40% of the retail price for the part which is around $180 some dollars too!

Thanks for all the help! Will follow up after installation!

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Harry - you are not the least bit concerned about some of these catching on fire ???

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Antss, How bout at least trying to be a bit impartial???
Have you bothered to warn the folks on the Laundry forum about your favorite brand and the recall???

At least be consistent, even thou I like my Elux appliances, I did provide links to when they were having the fridge problems (not fires thou), and I have also mentioned that there have been few reviews on their DW's so -----anyway you get the idea???


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dodge - I very RARELY if ever visit the laundry forum. Sorry.

And just to be clear - Miele recalled those without even a threat of litigation, while our good friends at Whirlpool like to deny there even are any problems with their products, let alone recall them and sometimes even make the customers pay for repairs of the stuff a la the ovens.

It was also 4 years ago and was ultimately due to faulty install - which Miele is rarely directly responsible for. A design , such that it takes a rocket scientist to install it is not prudent IMO though.

This (DW prob.) is on a much grander scale and spans well over 5 years of production and is in no way contingent on install.

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