Cleaning figurines

chris76January 27, 2010

I have some 1950's era Napco ceramic(?) figurines that were finished with the "COLD PAINTING" process, and I am not sure how to clean them. I have removed the paint from another old piece by cleaning too aggressively, and want to be careful with these. ANY IDEAS??? Thanks!

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Ag ood dusting an artist's paint brush for oil paints.
Not sure what cold painting is....but surely cold water with a little drop of shampoo ought not to hurt.

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I used lukewarm water with a drop of dish soap on a soft sponge and gently swabbed the pieces. I then rinsed them gently and dried them with a soft towel, and they looked great!

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I do Wildfowl Artist Carvings. They are finished with Acryic Paints with a Clear Coat.

I use Windex to clean them.

What ever you use , try to clean an inconspicious spot and leave it dry, for a test.

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