Grindley china

janjan-gardenerJanuary 23, 2009

Hi all I have some Grindley china I would like to identify. I have a tea set marked on the back with the Grindley sign with a sailing ship on it. It is numbered 167.The china is cream with a green rim and has little sprays of flowers on it.

The second pattern is on a dinner service with a couple of tureens that is again Grindley with the sailing ship and is cream china with a gold rim and a crinoline lady in a garden. She is positioned in one corner with a bird bath and a few flowers in the opposite corner.

Any help to identify this and as to its age would be very helpful. Many thanks

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Teh WH grindley co of Stokes on Trent was in business from 1880 to about 1960 or so.
Pictures of both the pattern and the backstamp would help.
Linda c

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I have a Grindley hand-painted plate - yellow, green & grey colours. Sailing Ship stamp on back & a title "The Dumas". Cannot make out no. Can you tell me how old this is & if of any value?

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Not without a picture...

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Hoping you may be able to help me.I have a Marlborough/Grindley complete tea service with sugar bowl and milk jug.It is unused and some 60 or so years old. It has the ship crest with the words Rose Petal underneath.It is called " Springfield " and has the number 137. I know tea services are out of fashion now, but wander if it has any value, or maybe just car boot sale material. Thankyou.

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