Identifying Snow White Porcelain set

GTifftJanuary 10, 2014

I am trying to identify the maker of this snow white porcelain set. They all have the markings shown in the picture. Thanks for your help!

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Looks like it could be Hummel, but your photo is showing so badly that it's hard to tell. Can you post better photos, not just of the mark but the item too? mfrog

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MFrog... Thanx for the prompt reply. After some further research I discovered that the set is a "full bee" Hummel set from 1950-55 with the original Disney tags still intact... Any idea of its current value?

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Check ebay under Hummel Snow White figurines. There are some piece meal items as well as a set.

I've never done ebay - but look occasionally. Don't know how wide a swing there is between an asking price and what something actually goes for.

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sorry can't help with value, it's not something I've ever dealt in. But it shouldn't be too difficult to check eBay & etsy. Perhaps others will chime in & help you out. mfrog

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Disneys from that era are very collectable, and Hummel should make it even more so. Don't have a $ figure, but I passed on some other Disneys to a relative made in that same era, not Hummel and the two figure set was valued around $150. But that is irrelevant to your set. Just saying they could be worth more than you'd think.

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