Antique Picture Frame

livinitmnJanuary 16, 2013

Can anyone tell me anything about this frame. Acquired it cleaning out a farmhouse as part of my compensation. Would like to sell it but where would on do so?

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Another pic

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Class picture?

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The value of your photograph is historic only. Identify the school, teachers, and students if you can. Then make a charitable gift to the local historical society.
We have a one room schoolhouse near us. It always amazed me that only one teacher (my grandmother) taught there. It was pre-WWI. She had to start by building a fire in the stove. She taught all grades which I found amazing.
Period hairstyles, footgear, etc are what is interesting about this pic, not $ value.

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Check the back to see if there is a label or writing. Ornate frames have become very collectible and some very valuable.
check E-Bay ... put in large vintage picture frames in the search box you may find something similar.

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If you've got a local antique/household consignment store, that would work; otherwise your local craigslist. You'll end up with about the same amount either way - half the retail price, or the craigslist price. Then there's Ebay, but I would do it with a reserve. That is one lovely frame and I do like the picture as well.

Karin L

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

From a genealogical standpoint, take the photo out of the frame and try to find a historical society who wants it. Identification is the most important thing. Once you know where it was taken people from the area will know some names. If my ancestor could be identified, I'd be thrilled. Then sell the empty frame.

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I have a class photo of Sunny Slope School, Oklahoma, ca 1914. My mother and an Aunt is in this photo. The teacher is Okra Cochran.

I am struck by the similarities of the windows and period clothing in the two photos.

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