wooden sled-like table? tool?

nosoccermomJanuary 28, 2013

could you tell me what this is and possibly, how much it may be worth?

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Literally, a child's sled made into a table, no?

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That would be my guess.

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It's a sled.
And if you take the legs off it's worth a fun ride down a snow covered hill.

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People use these old sleds, skis etc for decor - for restaurants or stores or homes. As a table likely worth nothing; as a sled maybe $20-50 or nothing at all (I think we asked $5 for an old one with metal rails and steering bar) unless it has real antique value which someone who specializes in such things could maybe tell you. Maybe do an internet search for antique sled wooden rails (or what are those things called?) because it likely is pretty old. If worth nothing as a sled, the wood might be of interest to a woodworker.

Try for a few dollars, but if no takers, at least put in on craigslist for free rather discarding it :-)

Karin L

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I was thinking about buying it, offered for 30.00 on CL, but I'll take a pass. Thanks for the feedback.

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