Which size Chef King griddle should I get?

SeaKozJanuary 10, 2013

Hi Folks,

I was reading earlier threads and it seems clear the Chef King griddle is the way to go, I plan on using one on top of the 12" grill on my Capital Culinarian. What's not clear to me is which size I should get, should I get the 12"x20" 10 gauge griddle or the 14x23" 7 gauge griddle?

I feel like the 12x20 will fit better on the grill and therefore heat more evenly, am I over analyzing this?

Here's a link to both of them: http://amzn.to/11i0pA0


Here is a link that might be useful: Chef King griddles

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The 14x23" fits perfectly on a any non standard stove top.

Here is a 12x20 Lodge cast iron (really made for 2 burner Coleman campstoves) and a 14x23 Chef King beside it.

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I have a CC and I have the larger griddle. I'd recommend it over the smaller one because you get more cooking surface. The edges taper up, so the practical cooking surface is actually smaller than you might think. Also, I think you might end up using it more over two burners than over the grill. I've tried it both ways and I like it over two burners better. Why? Two main reasons. First, it takes longer to preheat over the grill. Over the grill, you have to preheat the grill and then the pan. And second, with the grill, you only have one large zone. The back is slightly cooler, but the temperature gradient might not be wide enough. Over two burners, you have two cooking zones. I usually have the front burner hotter for active griddling and the back burner cooler for holding and finishing. But if I have a large batch of pancakes, I'll set the front and back burners the same and do all the pancakes at the same time.

While you're shopping, consider adding an inexpensive grill surface thermometer to your cart. I keep one on the griddle pan when I use it and slide it around to keep a check on the temps. It's especially helpful in the beginning as you get used to the griddle and how it behaves on your range at the various knob settings.

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Thanks! I'm definitely getting the larger one!

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We have a Capital and the larger griddle. You will love it (and so will your biceps)!


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