Ranges with legs?

calizzyJanuary 27, 2014

I cannot see any reason why anybody would want "legs" on their range. It seems to me it would just get dirty, filthy, and nasty under there. Is it just aesthetics or is there a reason for it?

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I can not see a reason why anyone wouldn't want legs. yes it does get dirty, filthy and nasty under there....EXACTLY why you want legs....it can be cleaned.

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I assume the legs are to keep the area ventilated so it won't burn the floor.

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Exactly what tyguy said. Yesterday, I was chopping vegetables and some flew off the cutting board and rolled under the range, but because of the legs on my range! I was able to easily retrieve them. On my old range, I could not have gotten them out without a lot of effort.

And the vacuum gets under there too. Could not clean underneath without legs.

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Couldn't agree more about the absolute necessity for legs. In fact, all my base cabinets are the same way. Makes it a piece of cake to clean under there. No matter how tight the cabinets or range is, food and debris and just plain old dust will accumulate under there. Having everything up on legs makes it very easy to clean.

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I find my new oven on legs cools down much faster than my old range (Kitchenaid) due to simple air movement. I do miss the drawer my old range had in the space where the legs go but not as much as I like having legs on the new range :)

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Six of one half a dozen of another on the range. I pull it out to clean the sides that seem to get dirtier quicker than the floor. I like my cabinets all the way to the floor and the ceiling. My only regret there is that I didn't make the base a pull out drawer too. I might pull out a drawer to see if it is dusty under my cabinets every year but no appreciable dust is ever there.

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I don't have legs on my range and I don't think it is a big problem. I have an attachment that goes on my vacuum cleaner that is made to clean under refrigerators. It works great on the range as well. I think I actually get more dirt under the refrigerator than the range anyway so I guess I think I would only choose the legs if you want that look.

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