Help identifying a Japanese Porcelain Moon Basket

DavidUngerJanuary 26, 2012


I wonder if anyone can help me. I primarily collect European ceramics and came across a lovely Half-Moon basket vase. I am having a lot of trouble identifying the mark. To my (untrained) eye it looks like a Meiji period Meizan Sei marking. But I am anything but sure!

Any help you could offer in identifying the piece would be gratefully received.

Kind regards


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It is Meiji period, and I imagine you also noticed the Shimazu family crest, putting it in the Satsuma group. I can't help you anymore than that. It's gorgeous.

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Hi - Many thanks.

My thoughts were that it was a Shimazu family piece, made by Meizan. But that's the best I got from scouring forums and images of Asian markings and I am only about 10% sure on any of the above. Does that sound right?

I'm a very much in the dark on Asian stuff. Put a piece of European ceramics in front of me and I'll know what I am looking at!

Yes, I love it :) I bought it with a very pretty little (but unmarked) Sake pot. Not sure whether I'll hold onto either, or sell and put the money towards a Clarice Cliff.


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Just to follow up, after further investigation I think I can probably confirm that what I have is a Meizan Hododa pieces, from the Shimazu family.

Now I just need to decide whether to keep it, or sell and put the money towards another Clarice Cliff :)

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