Metal Urn of some kind?

CherJanuary 30, 2012

I've had this for many years. Don't know if they called it by a certain name or if you can tell what the metal is. Color is pretty accurate on it and it's very heavy for it's size which height is 12 1/2 inches. I would appreciate any comments on possible material. If it was more copper I would assume that or brass even, but the coloring makes me think not. If anyone knows much about it or possible value I would also appreciate the info. TIA

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Now, if we could see the photos, we'd know more.

For some reason, these photos are blocked. Check your setting at photobucket. We wait with baited breath to see what you see.

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Sorry I see them. Is anyone else having a problem with seeing them?

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I see them fine.
Does the piece hold a magnet?
Is there any place that has a scratch of any sort.....where you might see a different color?
I think it's likely patinated bronze....or silver that someone has painted.
Of course you have looked carefully for any markings...
Linda C

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It could be copper, patinated with heat. I just don't think that soft copper would have held up though. I believe that brass can be heat patinated too. It looks as if it is made for a lid? Does the top lift off of the stand?

I have no idea what it is, but it's delightful.

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My first thought was copper because of the underlaying color. The top does not come off and in fact rather than being bolted on looks like it was welded, for lack of a better description. Same with the dragon figures on the side. I've had it about 40 years and at that time had gotten it at a little country auction. At the time the claims of it being very old but no history on it. Everyone that comes in remarks on it and it's never sustained any kind of damage here. When I look at it, it does not make me think of a lid ever being there. It reminds me more of being made as decorative rather than useful. :) But that's just me and had hoped to get some opinions about it. Hope to put up a few more things I've had for as many years that I have and no nothing about them, especially a couple big old pots. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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The top being welded on is confusing plus the fact that I don't see a pour spout!

Saying that .. I believe that it is copper over brass and at one time had a burner.
That opening at the base is where the burner would have set.

The copper would have turned that dark reddish color due to the brass underneath plus the heat from the burner that would have heated the liquid contents.

As I said though .. With no obvious pour spout .. it is a confusing piece.

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I can't say for sure the top part is welded on. It fits very tightly there and does not come off. I remember on the side dragons, the top part is hooked into a little hole, the bottom part looks like it was glued since one of those is loose at the bottom and I intend to reglue it. :) It would be almost impossible to pour anything out of it since the very top part comes in so much from the rounder part of the base of the bowl part. I had wondered about the possibility of a burner, and that could be, but looking at a copper teapot I have on a stand the burner sits very close and this seems too much of a difference in the height for one. Plus I wouldn't think the hanging spikes I'll call them would be there since that would be something else affected by the flames. Interesting to say the least and I guess why it's always admired. Just thought it would be interesting if I knew something about it when people comment on it. Thanks for all the feedback.

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It's very shiny....has it been lacquered? Or have you polished it?
Would it be possible to see a picture of the bottom of the base and what the bottom looks like that is hidden by the pointey things that hang down? Also how about a view of the inside?

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This is a long shot and just a guess for what it's worth, but the shape puts me very much in mind of a tea stove. They traditionally had three feet and were raised because they sat at the table where the tea was brewed and served, and the feet allowed the heat not to transfer to the matting on the table. The heat source was charcoal like used in an hibachi and they went into the upper bowl and a metal pot was placed above it on the rim. The old-style ones of course had handles to each side for ease on emptying the spent coals. Oxblood finish is very, very chinese (they invented it)......and this just hits me oxblood. It's just a very pretty piece, whatever it is.

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lindac - Hasn't had one single thing done since I've owned it in 40 years. I just sprayed with fantastic and scrubbed a little on it. Here's some more photos. I do not have the best camera so got what I could. I could not get a good view inside since it's so dark, but....

calliope - wonder if your guess is not a possibility, the inside of bowl is black looking but... I just did the cleaning I mentioned and it did not come off. I googled oxblood finish and I can see where that is a possibility. Wondering if somehow there is copper below. Around the one screw on the bottom you can see definite copper coloring around it.

I appreciate all this feedback. I am going to post a couple other things. Thanks

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Put some sand in the top, set it in a movie theater lobby, and you'd have a place to snuff out your cigarettes.

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it looks more like something you make tea in and not a urn. but you could use it as a urn.

Here is a link that might be useful: infinty urns

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If the lid would come off, it could be a small fondu pot.
But, it would be a bear to clean after melting cheese in it!

I do think there was once a burner at the bottom. maybe a wick type.

The finish is beautiful.

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