Wine Decanter?

aussie_mumJanuary 28, 2013

I'm hoping the collective wisdom of the readers here can help me determine what this is and if it's valuable?

I'm assuming it's some sort of wine decanter? If anyone has any information or advice I'd appreciate it :) (Sorry, I don't know how to post multiple photos in one message so I'll post another photo, in a separate message, of the details on the 'collar' and handle.) The glass 'flask' sits in the silver stand, which stays put when you lift the handle, it's not attached and is very heavy.

I got it from a garage sale for FREE! The sale was over (but the signs were still out.) The guy had put a heap of things in a 'free' box near his gate! I couldn't believe it! I love silver things so I grabbed it....with his blessing. He told me to browse while he trotted down the road to retrieve a sign! LOL!

I've washed the glass decanter and polished up the silverware and it's just gorgeous! I was looking for glassware at the garage sale to make 'garden junk' with but once I got it home and polished up I thought it was just 'too good' to be used in a garden totem! Of course, if it's worthless I might change my mind.

Thanks. :)

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Close-up shot of handle etc.

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Is it marked silver?

I had one that looked remarkedly similar back in the 70s, it was silver it as a wedding present from somebody I didn't even know. It wasn't a wine decanter though - was for serving coffee. A tea candle was in that space just below the decanter to keep the coffee warm. It was worthless then and, I suspect, not much has changed. :(


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Coffee? wow! So that would make the glass pretty tough I guess! Yes, I can see where a tea-candle would fit into the design, so that now makes sense.

I couldn't find any marks, hallmarks etc or any details of manufacturer, inscriptions etc.

So, if it's basically worthless it wouldn't be a sacrilege to turn it into a quirky planter? I've decided not to dismantle it 'just' to use the glass, but am wondering if I might use it as a vase or plant container.

Thanks for your input! :)

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I think it's a Princess House coffee carafe. Here's one like it on Worthpoint, you can probably find others. Princess House was a home sales program like tupperware.

Here is a link that might be useful: Princess House

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I have one almost identical to it that I also got for free. The silverplated holder had a small crack at the top and the owner of the antique shop said I could just have it. Mine was made by Oneida and is marked on the inside of the silver piece that goes around the middle of the glass pot.

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Fori is not pleased

They are cute! Has anyone actually used one for its intended purpose? DO they work okay?

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I've used mine before and it works perfectly. I used a tea light and the coffee stayed hot.

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Fori is not pleased cocoa!

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"Worthless", probably not. I too had this but broke the carafe. I've kept the silverplated pieces, knowing that someday I would run across the carafe.....

I loved using this. It keeps the coffee hot, and looks very elegant on the table. If I had it now, I would use it when serving coffee at the end of a nice dinner. It also is a nice substitute for a coffeepot in a china pattern, which is usually the most expensive accessory. It works for ALL of them!

I think I'll try to find the pieces and find a new carafe on the 'net. Thanks for the inspiration.


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I have one that is just like that except that it is electric. I use it all the time for dinner parties because it keeps the coffee at the perfect temperature without making it taste bitter. They were all the rage in the 1960's and I was so excited to inherit one from my grandmother. You see them on eBay often because the carafes get broken and people are looking for replacement carafes.

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