Please Help Identify Crystal Punch Bowl

SoponJanuary 26, 2012

I was given a house warming present a few years back. what seems to be is a 2 piece crystal punch bowl. From what i can tell is it looks as if it could be used as two different bowls or just one with a pedestal. I'm hoping that it is an American Brilliant period cut glass piece, but that may be wishful thinking. As for details, i was unable to locate any marking, it rings quite nicely when flicked, sawtooth on both rims has some chipping along with scratches here and there. I can't tell whether or not is has mold lines, but it does look as if some of the patterns and cuts all around the bowls are not all identical, some lines are sharper, some are rounder, not sure if that helps or not. Also, was the frosted design even done during that time period? I am unable to find any other that resembles this online. So at this point i would LOVE to get any and all opinions.

Thank you sooo very much.

and here are some pictures. Hope it helps.

Bottom Piece

Top Piece


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Lovely bowl....I hope you use it now and then.
It's not American Brilliant Period cut. You are right, they didn't do that frosting stuff. It's hard to tell for sure without touching But I think it's one of those pieces that are pressed and then embellished with wheel cutting.
Feel the edges of....say those fans toward the top....then feel the cross hatching on the stars partly down the column. I believe you will feel a difference in sharp edges.
There has been a lot of "semi-cut" glass in high lead content that came out of Poland, Germany,and the slovakias and slovenias since about 1960. Very nice glass, but not American Brilliant Period.
Linda C

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