Blenko decanter/stopper question...would you?

mahatmacat1January 30, 2012

Hey folks,

I haven't posted here much recently--but I want to ask your opinion. I have a 5937 Blenko decanter, but unfortunately without the stopper. I have now found a stopper for sale that is the right *shape*, but a different color.

Should I buy it? Is no stopper better than the wrong color stopper? These things don't show up very often--this is the first one I've seen come down the pike in the three years I've had the piece.

Thanks for any and all thoughts...

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I think no stopper is better than mix'n match.

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I agree, I think you need the right stopper.

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Thank you both. I will be patient and wait until I find the right color.

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If the price is right, I'd still buy it, because you might find someone else with your color stopper but the wrong decanter. Might as well snatch it up!

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Ah, had to come along and be all optimistic : ) Now I wonder...but it is kind of expensive...I might make a lower offer, then I'd feel more justified. Anyway, thanks for your post supporting the opposing view--I appreciate it!

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