So, some odd, interesting little Japanese things

mahatmacat1January 21, 2010

at least I associate them with Japan -- don't know why--maybe Kabuki theatre?

Anyway, anyone have any clue what these are? Not even one word on the box this time. Some of them have tiny horns on their heads, some don't. They're about 3" long, came in an old box made for them. The back is nowhere near as neatly finished as the front, and each one has a tiny little loop (for hanging?) sunk into the --plaster? Ceramic?

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How do you keep coming up with this stuff????
Could they be paper mache?....not that that helps me to know what they are.....

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Something about them suggests to me that they might be holiday decorations of some sort...

Hope we find out ;-)

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Hey y'all :) They're more substantial than paper mache but do feel more like plaster than ceramic. They've never been used, I sense, because the little loops would have had to have been turned out. It's a puzzlement.

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I think they're miniature masks from Chinese opera characters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cantonese Opera

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I think you're right! How silly of me to jump to Japanese. Thank you so much! I'll go do more research on them now. MUCH appreciated :)

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