Best way to remove brass corrosion

linnea56January 9, 2012

I bought 3 brass cachepots at an estate sale. The style looks middle eastern to me, with a lot of detailed stamping and repousse. There is corrosion on the bottom half that looks like small spots of rust. I know brass can't rust: it just looks like rust. I'm used to corrosion on brass looking black or greenish.

I've used Brasso before, and Penny Bright, but are these the best products to use?

Also: they have been polished before, and there is a lot of white residue trapped in the detailing, especially in the cross-hatched areas. I have a huge old tray in the basement (for the last 20 years) with embedded white stuff I have never been able to get out. I'd need a needle and a few months to get it out of all the engraved lines. What I think I remember about using Brasso before (admittedly it�s been a while), was finding it very hard to get out of incised details. How would I get this out? THanks!

See the red spots?

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A lot of the problems with corrosion is that it actually eats the metal....pits it....and then there is nothing you can do but clean it up to prevent any further pitting. Brasso and elbow grease....lots of both!
As for the white stuff....try vinegar and a good stiff brush....a toothbrush works well for me.

Good's a nice pot.

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Should I soak it in vinegar, do you think? It is pretty big, but I could lay it on its side in a dishpan, and do a section at a time. Or soak paper towels in it and press them in. The vinegar might help the tarnish, too. Thanks!

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I would do the paper towel thing.....and if the white stuff doesn't yield in a few minutes, I might cover the paper towel with saran and leave it for several hours.
But action with a tooth brush will help!

I have no idea about your I won't post and will leave the post at the top of the page. Hoping Antiquesilver sees it.
Linda c

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Sorry, but I don't recognize the marks on the candleabra, either.

To remove polish that's clogged a design, I scrub using a wet toothbrush dipped in mild dish detergent. Rinse & repeat if necessary. This works with silver polish - don't know about other metal cleaners - but it shouldn't hurt the brass.

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