NFL Suspends Haynesworth

hohoholidayOctober 3, 2006

So, Albert Haynesworth received a five-game suspension for his assault on Andre Gurode. Personally, I don't think it's enough. I'd have booted his keister out for the season. I know he's apologetic and I appreciated the fact that he stepped right up and didn't make excuses. But, it is what it is -- he's lucky he didn't end up in jail.

Did anyone hear if the Titans imposed any punishment of their own?

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I agree...that was AWFUL!!..He knew exactly what he was doing....He should be suspended for the rest of the season...

I haven't heard anything else yet...Try checking out their web site..

Go Steelers :)

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That was the most pathetic thing I have seen in a long time. You're right, 5 game suspension is not near enough. He should have to leave the game. I hadn't heard of any additional punishment by the Titans coach, but I hope he does. The guy should be in jail for assault.


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I heard yesterday that the police are asking if the injured player wants to press charges. I don't know what the result was.

I also read in the paper that Haynesworth has had a series of violent incidents. It's great that he was contrite, but he really needs help to get a handle on this before he hurts someone permanently.

Kudos to Jeff Fisher for stating immediately that the behavior was unacceptable.

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I just saw this new forum and was about to tell you about. Luckily I popped in to see what was going on. I just knew you would like this one since its about football!!! So funny to see you have already found your way here.

Deb :o))))

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I know. I'm doomed.

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Gurode's not going to press criminal charges, but he's keeping the option of a lawsuit open, especially if his vision doesn't clear up.

Here is a link that might be useful: STEELERS!

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I don't know if Gurode will press charges or not. In our local paper(The Tennessean) it doesn't seem he will. However, Fisher was quoted as saying he doesn't know if he wants Haynesworth back after the suspension. We have enough problems without his temper. It is odd that he has never had any publicity with problems off the playing field, only on the field. Maybe he should just quite playing football. The Colts VS Titan game was the best of the season without him, even though it was a loss!

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