Da Bears....Monday night!!

jae_tnOctober 17, 2006

Never would have believed it.......well, maybe after the 2 games in a row in 2001 with Brown interceptions and pulling it out. Strangest game I have ever seen!

I can't say we deserved to win over Az. but it sure was nice!

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Wow, what a game! Congrats to the Bears!

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It was so ugly. I love my Bears and think Rex is truly going to be the greatest quarterback this franchise has ever had, but last night was pathetic. I know it's just part of his learning curve, but did he have to do it on MNF??? If it weren't for Urlacher and Hester, we'd be sitting with egg on our faces.

Ah well, the bye is next week. I hope the coaches really take the team to task and get them better focused for the rest of the season. Maybe some of the undefeated talk will die down now, which would be a good thing.

As Lovie says, we haven't won anything yet.

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The Bears were "very lucky" to win that game. Their heads were so consumed with their thoughts of being the greatest team-funny to watch them get put in their place (if only for a little bit anyway). They played pretty bad for being 5-0...until 4th quarter. Arizona showed it does have what it takes to be a great team!! Matt was fantastic-showed everyone that he knows what to do and did it. A shame that their kicker missed. That was unreal. Their next game against the Raiders ought to give them a win!! Just what they need too....Oakland is pathetic.

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We can hand that win to Rakers! I was thrilled to see the Bears pull it out, but it was only by the fault of the missed field goal. We needed that to help us get our heads back in the game. I'm loving Lovie Smith. Bye week this week and that makes me happy that my guys get a break!

6-0 baby....we didn't deserve it, but we got it!

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A win is a win said my DD, she will take it anyway she can! LOL
I couldn't believe it when I got up the next morning and heard the Bears won!
DD sorta jumped on her DH's ship for the Bears after they were married, after watching the Falcon's Sunday I am thinking about it too.

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