An Officiating Question

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLSeptember 19, 2009

I was watching the ND game today and saw where they had a TD taken away from them when it clearly was a TD. Does each team keep track of who officiates at each of their games, how many errors they make and what the other team got away with but they got penalized for? ie: excessive celebrating....which is one of the things that happened today. These are things that even the commentators talked about and didn't agree with the official calls.

Now, I hope I can remember to come back here and check to see if there's an answer..... @:)


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Sharon, I wish I had an answer....We tape all the Irish games (erase them if they lose) and my DH just watched if again and sure enough that was a TD...We have noticed, when the refs do make a mistake, later in the game they seem to call a foul on the other team...My DH will say, trying to get even....
Glad to see another Irish fan......

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The opposing team celebrated in a much more flambouyant way than ND did and never got a call. I get so mad at those refs!

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