All Giants All the Time!

black-thumbFebruary 4, 2008

Have to say way to go Giants I knew you would do it! Too bad so sad for the Pats. Great game. Giants defense rocks! I've never seen so many sacks in a game. Manning way to scramble in the pocket for the throw for that awesome catch! I'd like to say it was a suprise but I knew they were going to take it all season especially when they got that field goal against Greenbay from practically midfield! It was just their time!

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6 weeks ago most Giants fans thought Eli was a bust and the Giants were going nowhere.

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Check it out. I'm a Dallas/Ft. Worth resident (Cowboys supporter) who is originally from the East Coast(go Baltimore Colts!)so I had a vendetta against the "perfect Patriots". I was more than glad to have any team take them down, Giants included.

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Jets Fan here............

How much do I hate the Patriots? I hate those cheaters enough to be thrilled that the Giants kicked their @sses in the SuperBowl.

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